Sarah Presson was born and raised in Jackson, Tennessee.  

After earning her BFA in graphic design from Mississippi State University in 2006, she soon relocated to Austin,TX and founded Eye Like Design – a full service design agency focused on nurturing non-profits, small businesses, entrepreneurs, and creatives to reach their maximum potential.  Each Spring, she works as an artist mentor at a local high school helping students learn the art of graphic design.  Sarah often travels and collaborates with her husband, Nick Schnitzer, where together, having travelled to over 5 countries, they bridge service and artwork as a means of communication, spiritual development, and good old fashioned fun. 

The majority of her fine art concerns the exploration and expression of the spiritual journey.  Her love of graphic design and the layering capabilities of contemporary design software are evident in the work, as complex layerings of hard-edge, cut paper collage intertwine with expansive washes of ink and watercolor. By combining icons of different times and places, her technique generates compelling images on multiple levels.  Drawing on both her spiritual and psychic resources, the work is a record of explorations into the mysterious and uncharted realms of our inner landscapes.  Xerox copies of outer space and cutouts painstakingly rendered from rare periodicals blend with human figures to effect both visual and emotional depth. 

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