Sarah partnered with ARRIVE Hotel to capture East Austin’s native funkiness and multicultural vibe, as well as pay tribute to the state’s larger “cowboy mythology.” The collages in this collection are inspired by Texas’s unique physical landscapes (its piney curtains, arid deserts, and endless skies), and the psychic landscapes they engender (open, reflective spaces for cosmic contemplation). An added dash of Tex-Mex flavor and retro Americana elements borrow from a color palette dually inspired by Austin’s seasonal wildflower explosion and those year-round visitors, our bright green monk parakeets!

A Tennessee transplant, over the past decade Sarah’s been privileged to observe the “magic” of East Austin firsthand. “This city is vibrant, friendly, progressive and warm, it’s so conducive to creativity,” she says. “I feel lucky to call it home.” Each collage featured in Arrive Hotel is an allegory for the kind of experience she hopes every guest enjoys while visiting the live music capital of the world.

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